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My thoughts on Lost last night...

Oh hands down...the episode was fabulous! This was the best episode in my eyes because it gave the most information.

1. Does Daniel have these time travel trips, or is he thinking he may, therefore, have Desmond be the constant?

2. Daniel didn't tell Desmond to find Penny, he just said he needs a constant, and of course Desmond was going to pick Penny.

3. Oh yes...Hanso owns Black Rock...and of course his great-grandson? is a huge funder of the Dharma Initiative...my thought, Penny's father is most definitely part of the Dharma Initiative. My only concern was...how did pirate's get a hold of that First mate's log?

4. My theory...remember Danielle's crew? They were exposed to radiation, Danielle was not because she was pregnant...that's why they went "crazy". They couldn't stay in one time.

5. Does this explain baby death's as well? *shrug*

6. Friend on the boat...Frank?

7. Card game between Daniel and Charlotte...did Daniel expose himself to that level of radiation so that he could "time travel"? Maybe that's why they were testing him...to see how far he could go forward?

Ok...I'll stop there...

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