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Wedding Planning

Well...this whole location thing is getting annoying. We still haven't found a place. Well...not true...we found a place...and though we can afford it, it is just an obscene amount of money to spend. :( It is hard...and the people have not been fun to work with either.

So places that are still on our list:

Boston Park Plaza Hotel (we are seeing this today)
Crane Estate (we are seeing this on Sunday)
Commandant's House (we have an appointment to see this on the 29th)
Stonehurst Robert Paine Estate (I'm still trying to get a hold of this place)
Boston Harbor Hotel (I need to budget this place out)
Wentworth by the Sea (we are trying to set up a time this weekend)
Adolphus Busch Hall and Garden (we need to set up an appointment)
Fogg Art Museum (we need to set up an appointment)
Decordova (we need to set up an appointment)
Loeb House at Harvard University (we need to set up an appointment)

The places that we have seen and I will be budgeting out for:
Willowdale Estate (so lovely...I am leaning towards this one)
Hyatt Regency (gorgeous views, but I don't want to get married in a tent)
Hampshire House (...this place is quaint and it is convenient, in Boston and right across from the Commons)

I'm getting pretty excited about this...and this is going to sound so weird, but I have issues emotionally where I have problems finding myself attach myself to people...

I'm not a detached individual per se...I just don't care much about things...I never thought it was an issue in the past, I actually thought it was a great thing but not when you are in a long-term relationship...anyhow...I really need to get back to work.

I am having my eye surgery tomorrow and I have so much to wrap up today before I leave for the week.


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