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Eye Surgery part 2

Ok...so it has been almost two weeks since my eye surgery...and here is a quick synopsis of my time...

Day 2
This was much the same as day 1, little pain just minor irritation and my eyes feeling a bit dry and scratchy.

Day 3
This was the most painful day...I slept almost all day and David came and woke up every four hours to provide me the necessary eyedrops.

Day 4
Woke up Saturday and could not believe that I no longer felt pain! Even the eyedrops didn't hurt when they were put in my eye! However (there's always a however), my eyelids were so horribly swollen that I can barely keep my eyes open for long periods of time.

Day 5
This day was much better, my eyelids were not swollen, however...my eye sight was noticeably worse...

Day 6
Doctor visit! I went in, they removed the contacts and they told me that everything looked good. They did note that my eyes seemed a bit dry and advised that I do eye drops every 30 minutes versus every hour (what a big pain in the ass), and they strongly suggested that I take 1000mg of Vitamin C and 2000mg of Flaxseed oil (an even bigger pain in the ass). I am really not the best with taking pills or drugs...it's amazing that I remember to take my eyedrops every 4 hours. They did however inform me that I could stop taking the antibiotic eyedrops after Wednesday (March 19). When I returned to work however...my eyesight was horrible! It was worse then prior to my surgery! I called them a couple of times to make sure that this is ok and normal and they assured me it was. They told me that this is how it would be for awhile.

Day 7-8
My vision is great in the morning when I awake then gets progressively worse as the day goes on. It is quite annoying. However, I do notice that the longer I stare at the computer screen the worse my eyes become, which is really horrible for me as my whole job is me sitting in front of a computer!

Day 9-12
I stopped taking the antibiotic drops after day 7, but I still have to take the steroid drops every 4 hours. I have decreased my eyedrop usage to about every hour again. Every 30 minutes was just really too annoying and they don't feel horribly dry. Tomorrow I will be returning to the doctor for another check up. Hopefully, they will take me off the steroid drops and tell me that I can stop wearing that stupid eye shields to bed. The tape is really hard to get off my face :(

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