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Let's see...life's been pretty busy. We made another offer on a house and we were so excited...we picked out colors for the walls, ideas for kitchen designs, but unfortunately when we talked to the people for financing they told us that it is in a declining market. :-( So we checked a few other places that we were interested in and the same news was given to us. Apparently, all of Boston and the surrounding suburbs are in a declining market. We decided to not bother buying and decided to continue renting. I told David when we move to the west coast (4-5 more years) we will buy a house there. This will give us an opportunity to save more money and also live closer to work.

Speaking of money and work...I just got a raise :-) It felt sort of awkward because I started there about 6 months ago, but I'm not going to turn it down! I am also happy to say that since I've been there for about 6-7 months I've been able to analyze the steps and processes I should follow for the next project I work on in accordance to an 11 month lead time to production. It should make my work go much more smoothly.

Let's see...our wedding planning is coming along. We will be returning to Castle Hill on the 19th of April to take pictures and to reserve the date, which includes paying half of the fee. We are going to get married October 3, 2009... :-) This gives us a year and a half to get in shape and take dancing lessons :-D We are also in the process of interviewing caterers and the ones we will be having tastings with on April 23 are Celebrations, Table of Contents, and Capers. We are also looking at Gourmet Catering and Timothy S. Hopkins catering. I am leaning towards Celebrations, Table of Contents, Capers, and Timothy S. Hopkins.


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