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As lame as this is going to sound...I really want to do more recreational focused things in my life, this includes writing, photography, and dancing. In terms of writing I have identified a plot that I would like to follow through for a novel...I have started doing my research for it, I was going to focus on the Elizabethan era, but I have decided to make it a bit more current and make it around King George III's time. I actually have a couple of plots I would like to write on...hmm...

Anyhow...as for photography, I need to do more hiking, perhaps this weekends weather will allow for that. I also would like to photograph more of downtown Boston and try my hand at more urban photographs.

Dancing...well...I've always loved dancing. I am going to branch out and try Lindy Hop and Swing...I'm actually going to take some lessons in Newton starting in July :-) I am, also going to try dancing more in July overall. My gym has nice hardwood floors and I will be able to use them when classes are not going on. I am also going to take a Hip Hop class soon maybe August or September, I feel that I need to become a bit looser in my flow of dancing...

Oooh...look at the time...weights and Aerobics...


Jun. 18th, 2008 03:44 am (UTC)
hehe, I suppose lame wasn't the right word, but unfortunately if my current occupation doesn't offer me as much time as I'd like to those recreations. Maybe when I get published... :-)

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