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a bit of respite. :-) I could have posted sooner I suppose, but I've been so busy the last thing I want to do is post to my journal when I get home! This month has mainly been focused on dancing and moving. We moved to Waltham...I am officially 5 minutes from my work! I freaking love it!!!!!

Everybody Dance!
On July 1st I started West Coast Swing and I have class every Tuesday's...and I am adding Thursday to the mix too :-) I love the style of West coast as it is very fluid and smooth and it's perfect for me as that tends to be my dancing style. I'm also thinking of taking a private lesson once every couple of months so I can get more attention and focus on my movements as well as footwork. :-) I decided that I would like to start competing in West Coast, but in order to do so I need to make sure that I get personal feedback and critiques on my movement and steps...and it is pretty hard being a follower, especially with a poor leader! I love it...I want to get good enough to dance like this:

On July 14th I started Lindy Hop/East Coast Swing...and I have a class every Monday now! I've never taken this style of dancing before, but I found the beginner class to be too simple so I decided to step it up to the intermediate class. It is strange, at the first class I enjoyed it and was slightly torn between West Coast and Lindy...as Lindy is so much fun! However, with more West Coast experience I do love West Coast more, so after my classes are over for Lindy I will be solely focusing on West Coast :-)

On July 19th I attended the Boston Dance Challenge (West Coast lessons and competition), I went for the lessons of course :-) There is also going to be the Boston Dance Revolution event on August 8th-10th which is a great mix between West Coast and line...and then of course there is the Summer Hummer on August 22-24...ahhh...I need more money. :-p

Work has been insanely busy...I currently have 8 projects I am working on 3 of them are very large... :-p That should be fun and interesting...the business requirement for one of them has been taking me almost 5 days...ugh...it has been nuts. The worst and best part is that more than half of my projects are very high profile.

All in all
Life is great, and to some extent has felt rather fulfilling, which isn't something I feel too often. I still think I can do more though! I will also be very happy when I get the kitchen all set up so we can stop eating out...I am getting so sick of take-out food.


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Aug. 2nd, 2008 03:07 am (UTC)
The dancing is impressive. The girl is very good, although the guy seems to be stumbling a bit. I think it's a worthy goal to work towards.
Aug. 3rd, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
haha he isn't stumbling. It's just styling also most dances are like that. The girl always does all the work.
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