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Summer Hummer

I am so exhausted. My life has been a whirlwind of dancing and work. This weekend was Summer Hummer... :-D It was so freaking awesome! The only problem is I am so exhausted that I can't really think clearly. :-) Probably not the best time to be writing a journal entry? Eh...anyhow, this dance event is one of the best I ever went to. I learned so much!

I competed...and I am going to keep competing...it was the most amazing experience! The way Jack and Jill West Coast Seing dancing competitions work is you sign up for the competition then you are randomly partnered with a guy. For the preliminaries you dance with 2-3 guys depending on the size of the competition. You are judged individually then for finals you are randomly partnered with ONE guy and you dance to 2-3 songs and you are judged as a couple. Some main things judges look at are teamwork (how well you play off one another and how well you are able to read one another's movements and styles), technique (styling and musicality), and timing (how well you stay on time to the music and each other).

The first guy I danced with was great because all he did were super simple basics. The second guy I danced with was freaking incredible. The second he put his hand on my hip I knew he was going to be a much more advanced dancer. The first song was really slow, the second one was "Rock Your Body" by Justin Timberlake. The second it started I looked at him and said, "you've got to be kidding me"...since I am fairly new to West Coast (1.5 months) I am not too familiar with styling and musicality and I had a strong feeling that this guy would do styling...so I was freaked out because I had to do my best to match or play off his styling. When the dance was over he hugged me and said that it was an awesome dance :-) It was a pretty awesome dance. I had a really good time. On Saturday I danced my ass off with SO many different guys! I danced with one of the guys that I reguarly dance with and he said since Tuesday (last time we danced) that I felt so different and really good. I learned so much this weekend it was AWESOME! I can't wait until Swingin' New England, I'm going to compete there as well. I don't expect to place, but I love competing...I can't wait to do it again!

I also gathered invaluable information from competing and watching competitions. I am going to ask one of my teachers to do a Pro/Am with me (Pro/Am - Pro Dancer/Amateur Dancer) next year at Summer Hummer. I need to end this I feel like I am going to pass out.


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