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Yikes...it sure has been awhile...I've been thinking of posting here for awhile and of course thinking of what to write in my head isn't the same as actually doing it :-/

Presidential Election
I called my dad after it was clear that Barack Obama had won. He was very...gleeful. That's the most appropriate word to describe my dad's feelings :-) he said, he couldn't believe it, never in his lifetime did he ever think he would see a black President for the USA. He spoke to his parents as well and they were amazed, afterall, in their time they weren't even allowed to stay at hotels or go to restaurants, and now, a black President. It is amazing and touching to see how far the USA has come as a country in a such a short period of time. I know that 40+ may sound like a long time, but in terms of the history of this country, it is short time period in comparison. I was happy, but also slightly surprised.

We have almost everything planned! we have the following items taken care of:
  • Reception and Ceremony location
  • Caterer (we still need to plan the little stuff like linens, silverware, cutlery, etc.)
  • Florist (details closer to the date)
  • Music (Ceremony and Reception)
  • Photographer
  • Invitations and Thank You cards
  • I've picked out my wedding bands!!! :-) I'm getting two.

Things still left to do:
  • Transportation?
  • Hotel?
  • Favors
  • Attendants Gifts
  • David's wedding band
  • Get a JP
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Attire

And of course all the smaller things that come closer to the wedding, wedding license, etc.

:-) We also still need to get our engagement photos taken.

There was a dance event this weekend called "Swingin' New England" which was awesome because it didn't just have West Coast Swing, it also had Lindy Hop and Balboa! The only downside to the weekend is some of the things I have been working on to improve my dance has caused me a great deal of pain to my ankles. I have started dancing in dance sandals:

and since I don't typically wear heals my Achilles were killing me...that went on for about 2 weeks. Then my body got used to wearing them and that didn't hurt anymore...then I learned that I need to push to create "body flight" and that caused my ankles and the inside of my foot to start having a great deal of pain. :-( Unfortunately, that has yet to go away. Even though I was having this problem I decided to compete anyway just so that I could get used to being in front of people and dancing. I found that I hated the way I danced with pain. :-( At least in competition because I couldn't get the flight I wanted or needed, and ironically quite a few people who I didn't know told me that I danced beautifully. :-p Which was nice, but I knew I didn't dance well. Soooooo I am going to work extra hard and work out my feet and ankles to help alleviate the pain faster!

The next big event is New Year's Dancin' Eve, which I am SO looking forward to! And I am going to compete again and hopefully not be in pain! :-D I'm not too worried about winning, when I feel like I am actually good enough to win I will worry about it then, right now it is just to get comfortable being out there on the dance floor.

Oooh...I've been looking up local events and I am going to try and go to the following:

  • Boston Tea Party March 26-29
  • Swingin' Into Spring May 1-3
  • Liberty Swing Dance June 19-21
  • Boston Dance Challenge July 10-12
  • Boston Dance Revolution August 14-16
  • Summer Hummer August
  • Swing Niagra September 25-27 (So close to the wedding)
  • Swingin' New England November 13-15 (if we are back in time from the Honey moon)

That's a lot... :-p I kept all the local ones in...hehe we'll see. I'm going to talk to David about some of those.

I've been getting more into Blues music...

I also want to do a Strictly swing with Kevin...so I need to get better real fast!

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