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Cake Tasting

So yesterday David and I went to a cake tasting...I felt so sick afterwards because of all the sugar!

The cake was sooooo yummy though! We decided to use The Icing on the Cake in Newton. We will have a three tier round cake. The cake will look similar to this:

The first layer of the cake will have a twelve inch base and will be golden raspberry with lemon filling, the second layer will have a nine inch base and will be golden cake with white mousse filling, the third layer will be a six inch base (this will be the cake we will take up and put in our freezer) and will b e 1/2 white chocolate with white chocolate mousse and 1/2 chocolate with chocolate mousse.

The cake itself will be white and the decorations will be similar to the picture above, their will be the climbing brown branches which will have red berries, fall leaves and mini calla-lilies (which will be burnt orange and white with gold painted edges) on them. This will be great, because it will match our centerpieces well. Our centerpieces are going to be a wreath with cymbidium berries with fall leaves and a lantern in the middle. And we will be using calla lilies as part of our floral decoration :-)



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Dec. 7th, 2008 10:36 pm (UTC)
Oh that is beautiful!!! I can see why you would love it so much...we never did a cake testing...we just went with whatever they made us...ended up with 2 layers of chocolate and one of vanilla...nothing fancy! :) I can see how your tummy would be feeling so ishy after tasting and tasting...but I bet it was GOOD!!! :)
Dec. 8th, 2008 03:23 am (UTC)
hehe yup it was very yummy!
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