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New Year's Dancin' Extravaganza

Another dance weekend...I had the best time EVER! :-D I'm sure I'll say that for the next dance weekend...I just had so much fun social dancing.

I decided that I'm done taking group classes, I don't really get very much from them, there are those occasional times when I'll learn a little styling or something but those times are so few and far between. I would much rather do social dancing and take private lessons. My goal is to take 3 privates a month with 3 different instructors. I'm pretty happy with the 6 instructors that I have been taking lessons from so I will be sticking with them. For dance weekends though I will definitely try and schedule a private with one of the instructors from out of state.

Which brings me to my next point, I had a private with an instructor from out of state and it was awesome...but also sucky... :-) I couldn't stop thinking, "Never take a private before a competition", but now that I look back it wasn't that bad of an idea. It gave me something to think about and work on the night before the competition and something to focus on while I was competing.

I had a pretty spectacular time at the event overall! I actually made Finals...which I couldn't believe! The biggest thing for me is that I haven't been dancing much so I don't expect much from my competition, but I just love competing for some reason :-) I did place 10 out of 13 in the finals, I know that isn't so great, but you know I actually don't mind. I still got my 1 point for WSDC (World Swing Dance Council), which means I'm 4 points away from Novice...haha... Besides that it gave me confidence that I am actually improving in my dance. As a matter of fact I plan to practice almost daily :-) I am working on setting up my three privates for this month as well so I am looking forward to that. There is so much to work on, but the most important thing I want to work on right now is connection, body and weight placement, as well as my anchors. Also, working on my comfort level dancing with people I don't know. One of my friends commented, "You have so much personality when we dance together, you need to dance that way with everyone".

Next dance event is MADJam March 5-8, I'm not sure if I'm going to go yet as it is in DC, but I am definitely going to the Boston Tea Party March 26-29! If I go to MadJam, I will most likely not be sleeping over in Danvers for the Tea Party. Yeaaaa!


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