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What a week...

I have been so insanely busy at work that when I get home I am too pooped to do much of anything else than just lounge. David has also been gone for the past week so I've been able to take the time for myself and rearrange my schedule a bit so that when he gets back I can keep this schedule going. I've been going to the gym, going to bed at a decent time (during weekdays anyway), cooking, and cleaning up. :-) Overall it has made me very happy! I've also been making time to study for the GMAT and study the Japanese language. I've gotten to the point where I will sometimes have conversations in my head in Japanese, Korean, and English :-) Now if I could just practice with someone that would rock my world!

I was talking to my cousin, Kim, and I explained to her now sometimes when I think of a sentence it forms in Japanese before forming into English :-) Though honestly, I should really try to work on my Korean. The problem that I always run into when I am learning new languages is that I just can't speak them colloquially, I can only speak them formerly...for example in Korean if I were to say something like, "This person is my friend" I would say, "Na nun ching goo eh yo" versus "Na ching goo" which is less formal. :-p I also want to become more fluent in Korean because when we have children they will be learning both Korean and English at the same time.

I've also been experimenting with baking. I made some white chocolate muffins from scratch a couple of days ago. I made a very small batch to use up the chocolate that we had from Valentine's day. They came out pretty good! Now I just need to think of a good frosting to top them off with. I think another white chocolate frosting would be way too sweet...so something light and airy, with perhaps a fruity flavor would be quite lovely.

Other than this, work has been going well, though insanely busy. I haven't been able to dance as much as I normally do this week because I've been focused on studying and more domestic activities, however I'm happy. My life is feeling more organized and I don't feel like I'm just flopping around. To be honest, this is why I really need a more structured schedule. I start to slowly loathe my existence when I don't feel that I am getting things done. Silly perhaps, however, I really need to feel productive so I don't feel like my life is going nowhere. And I really like to work towards big milestones, such as being fluent in another language. I will be taking my GMAT around the September time frame I think. I will be looking at and applying to colleges for 2010...I guess it depends on where we are with the baby thing :-)

Also...the Skip Beat! anime rocks my world.

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