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Boston Tea Party

So this was my first time to the Boston Tea Party ("BTP"). As some of you may know I have a new obsession with west Coast Swing dancing. It has to be one of the more addictive dances I've ever done, more so than Line and I've done Line Dancing for almost 11 years now!

The event was such a great time! I danced until the wee hours of the morning (around 5-6AM) the bad part about doing that is you are just so exhausted the next day since you don't get to sleep very long!

The way that West Coast Swing dance events are typically run is that competition for people in my division (Newcomer) for a Jack and Jill (this is a format of competition in partner dancing, where the competing couples are the result of random matching of leaders and followers. Rules of matching vary.) compete in the afternoon somehwere around 2 or 3PM. In my division there were 64 followers (female) and 42 leaders (male). So you might be wondering, how are you going to pair an uneven amount of followers and leaders? Well, the competition is run in heats, heats are basically a group of couples. So the first heat had 32 couples, the second heat had 32 couples. Because the division was so inundated with followers we were called back for semifinals. This means that the original groups were cut, so during semifinals there were 31 followers and 31 leaders (meaning that 33 girls were cut and 11 guys were cut). Unfortunately, there was a bit of a snafu and the semifinals, which was meant to cut the group of followers and leaders again, did not occur. So the next day, Sunday, finals were run at around 3PM. I am happy to say that I did make it into finals, so I got to dance another day!

One of the best parts of BTP is the competitions I got to see with the Lindy Hoppers. I don't particularly care for events that have hours and hours of competition at a time, however, if they are split apart nicely (like BTP was) then I really enjoy being able to watch other styles of dance! The Lindy hoppers are truly amazing! They have so much energy...if I had to dance more than 2 songs in a row, I'm pretty sure I'd just fall over from exhaustion. I am however very interested in learning this style of dance!

I am sad to say that I made 15th out of 31. However...I'm also happy because technically speaking in terms of percentages I did better than the last time I made it into finals :-) I am also happy because one of the judges placed me in 3rd out of 31, whereas three months ago the same judge placed me in 8th out of 13! Oh yes...and in terms of judging, for preliminaries and semifinals the judges will judge each person individually, so even if you are dancing with someone you are not judged the same as them, you are judged for your own individual style of dancing. Also, in the prelims and semis you dance around 3-5 songs, each song with a different person. During the prelims and semis the judges will just check "Yes" or "No" on whether you should move on to the next round. In the finals, that's a different story. The person you end up being paired with will be your partner for the next 3-5 songs, so at this point you are judged as a couple.

Anyhow, I met many new people, which is always fun and exciting for me and I had MANY great dances! I had the best time in the competitions as well, the person I got first for both the prelims and semis put me in such a good mood for the rest of the competition! I can't wait until the next event which is May 1-3 and it is Swingin Into Spring! I just can't wait!

The only bad part of the weekend is the last dance I did on Sunday I pulled my hip flexor... :-( So unfortunately I have to take it easy and not go too nuts! On a happy note I lost 4lbs this weekend...hahaha


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