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Golfing Antics

So...I've been wanting to play golf for awhile, however, I never had anyone who wanted to go out and do it with me. Finally, I found some people at work who go and enjoy golfing. So I asked if I could go with them...they asked me if I had ever played and I promptly explained in my exuberant and matter-of-fact way that I am indeed, very good at mini-golf. They laughed and explained real golf was very different. :-/ I couldn't help but protest and defend my excellent mini-golf experience. :-p

Anyhow, they informed me that they would not play golf with me until I had a chance to go to the driving range and practice. I begrudgingly agreed, I mean really, I had already explained to them how I excel in mini-golf, what more did they want? So we set a date and went to the Stonemeadow Golf course in Lexington this past Monday. Prior to leaving Chris mentioned, "I can see you hitting the ball sideways"...ridiculous right? Yeah...not so much... :-/

So Dan and I picked up a "Large" bucket of balls and set off to the uh *at a loss of what to call it*...mat. I learned...golf is hard. lol...Yeah, I know...and prior to going I had also used Youtube (my bible/encyclopedia of knowledge) to see how I should properly swing a golf club, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMtQjnsoD8c. I could be the female version of Tiger Woods...I'm half Asian and black ;-)

Anyways, I didn't do terribly. I consistently hit the ball 50-75 yards...so not horrible, but not spectacular. I had such a great time, though I fear my happiness and joyful peals of laughter would not be appreciated on the golf course...however, when I do poorly at things, I can't help but laugh at myself. I missed the ball at least 40% of the time...and I did in fact manage to hit the ball in a way that it did go sideways and hit myself in the knee with the golf ball, it was excellent. To add insult to injury the knee that was hit was the same leg that I have my tendonitis on...lol...

Because I had such a wonderful time I went again yesterday. :-D I used a 8 and 5 iron *muffles, "steel"*...and in true form I managed to miss the ball completely and somehow bring the club back, hit it backwards and hit the clubs belonging to a gentleman on my right...oops. :-/ I also managed to hit the ball 5 feet from where I was standing...a guy two mats down from me glanced at it...I said, "Oops...", he looked at me, and I couldn't help but laugh...

All in all it's a great time! I'm going again on Thursday!

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