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Liberty Finale

So...as dance centric as my journal has become... ;-) Liberty was wonderful! I found it to be very well run, on time, and the hotel was great! I was surprised at how well we were treated! Not that we are typically treated poorly by the hotel at events, however, they had a free pizza party on Friday, free ice cream on Saturday... :-) There was always fruit around, apples or bananas...it was wonderful!

The part that I found most interesting is that all the scoring for the competitions were electronic so they were able to run semi-finals and finals for Newcomer (the division I'm in) within the same day! I didn't like it at first, however, I found in the end that it worked out so much better as it allowed me the freedom to stay up so much later on Saturday night so I could dance socially! I also had the best time dancing socially and I met some great dancers!

I am also happy to announce, I somehow managed to win 3rd place in the Newcomer Jack and Jill...after reading the Swing Dance Council rules, it appears that I will receive 3 points... :-D This is very exciting for me, however, I think this means I still have to remain in Newcomer. I was reading the rules for the upcoming event, Boston Dance Challenge, and it appears that I am still in Newcomer if I have 0-4 points...and I currently have 4. :-/ Oh well...it's probably better this way as I'm not sure I am ready for Novice as of yet. :-) There are so many amazing people in that division!

Anyhow, I'm very much looking forward to the Boston Dance Challenge!

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