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4th of July at the Vineyard - day 1 & 2

I have decided that I want to move to the Vineyard when I retire. The atmosphere here is very relaxing and laid back. The first day was loads of fun! We grabbed some sandwiches, went to the beach, got ice cream (I got gelato), bought sone groceries to make cook out food, then later went to a bakery called, "the backdoor bakery" where Darrell bought us all freshly baked cinnamon buns! They were so yummy, they are my crack. Seriously, they were that good!!! Those things pretty much conclude day 1

As for day 2, some of us woke up really early and went to go watch the sunrise and tale some pictures. Then we went into Vineyard Haven and went to a wonderful bagel store where I got an egg and cheese onion bagel. From there we took a stroll down the street and went our separate ways. I bought a few books, "Tribute", "Royal Affairs", and a salad cookbook which I had the author sign! I also got a very flashy little ring. :-D

We went to a deli, go some sandwiches, went to the beach, and now we are on our way to the grocery store to put together a picnic basket so we can find a spot on a beach to watch the fireworks tonight. Pictures to come!

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