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Having a Silent Conversation

Yes...it's going to be about dance...again :-p I know, I'm horribly incorrigible when it comes to this topic. One of the things I've grown to appreciate and have wanted to really get better at is learning how to have a conversation in West Coast Swing where I'm not just always listening, but I'm beginning to actually voice my thoughts/opinions.

As some of you may know I am quite the talker and it kills me to not have a voice. I have happily spent most of the year just listening to the leaders, following through on the basics and making sure I don't screw the guy up by doing what he expects of me. ...hmm...I'm also not really a submissive individual. When I began to really understand what "holding a conversation" means I began to wish I could participate in it. Slowly, ever so slowly, I've begun to come a little bit out of my "time-out" session where I'm just listening and have begun to really contribute to the dance! Last night was so much fun for me because I did something...and guys actually followed me!!! :-D It was the most amazing experience! I wasn't hi-jacking or not following through, however, I was able to change the timing of the dance and guys actually followed my timing! It was amazing...There are times when guys would just keep dancing through like the tempo of the music didn't change...I actually...slowed myself down...and they were paying attention so they slowed down too!

I can't even begin to express the excitement I had when that occurred. I also came up with some interesting moves last night. Not quite sure where they came from...all I know is, I let myself go and I ran with it. I am so happy today because I feel that I was able to express myself the way I've wanted to in a long while. I also did some interesting things with my spins...who'd have ever though I could do anything interesting with my spins? :-D

I am hoping that last night was the first step to no longer having a one-sided conversation where I am just always listening and instead I'm actually participating in one between me, the music, and my partner.


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