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Snowboarding...Lesson 2

So...snowboarding time number 2...FUN! It was great! I took the Level 1 class again because I'm still not very good at slowing down/turning. Today I did way better! I think I will move up to Level 2, however, I am going to go and practice a few times before I take the class. I want to be really good at doing the heelside and toeside j-turns as well as heel and toe side slipping.

I did really well today! I'm definitely getting better every time I go up! When I went down the hill on the last run I only fell once! And I was able to start slowing myself down and turning! I almost stopped, it was awesome! I can't wait to go again. This time, my friend James came with! :-D He's a natural! It was his first time and he did wonderfully!

The best part is I'm focusing less on being freaked out on going downhill and focusing more on technique and putting the things I learned into practice.

I am so excited! Pre-season for next year is when I'm going to buy my board, boots, bindings, and cute outfit! :-D I'm not sure which brand I'm going to go for...Roxy looks pretty cute!

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