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Most productive week ever?

Or not...it isn't starting off that fantastically as I slept most of the day away! And as not to screw up my already horrible sleeping habits I will not be sleeping again until much later tonight. :-) That means I'll be a zombie most of the day, but whatever. :-p

The past weekend was pretty fun, I went to a dance event called Wisconsin Dance Challenge! I'm definitely going to make some time to go out to the Midwest again for dancing! The people there were very nice! As for the rest of this week I am really going to try and focus it onto my new workout/dance schedule! I am also going to see where I can fit in my Japanese studies as well...listening to a lot of Japanese has enabled me to pick up common words, but aside from that... :-p I really need to work on my Kana and pronunciation.

I am definitely going to try to make Tuesday as productive as possible as I won't be sleeping...running errands...cleaning up around the house...etc...etc...buying more pens...what is my obsession with pens? I own so many...knowing that never in this lifetime I will use all of them...and yet I can't stop myself from buying them. :-p

Dancing has been fun...sort of. I managed to find someone to practice with, so that's great! :-) I am now an "intermediate" level dancer. I use that term very loosely as I consider myself to be more of an advanced novice level dancer and not quite intermediate. Working on it though. I still need so much more discipline relating to movement, balance, and the plain old fundamentals of west coast swing. I'm also looking to take up other forms of dance such as, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, and Ballet...all which will help me (hopefully) with balance and freedom for interpretation. My main problem still stands that in my head I am learning much more then I can actually instill into practice so it gets to be rather frustrating. I try to take a step back and do things one at a time, but my silly heads interjects with other things I am doing incorrectly :-p

Ahh...yes...and of course, I got a new job. Yes...I know...my 5th one since I've graduated college...but what can I say? I did love my last job...well, the people anyway, however, it just wasn't going anywhere. My new job is an Associate Product Manager role...hopefully, I will gain and learn more skills to where I want my career to go. It is looking to be exciting! :-)

David and I are doing ok...he works a lot...I travel a lot...hopefully that will change and we'll be able to spend more time together.

Life has been pretty dull for me...or I suppose it feels dull because I can't do about a million things in one day like I used to! I do miss high school...there was a time in my life that I could do at least 15 activities in the day and feel really productive! Now...a lame 3-5 things... :-p Being an adult is tiring. This year's number one goal is to win the lottery.

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