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Oh my god...I can't believe it's Friday...this week went by so insanely fast! My first week at the new job is going pretty well! :-) My manager is really great, I like her a lot! She has already assigned three products to me. She will be working with me through my first release then after that I'm on my own! :-D I am soooooo excited! Along with training I did manage to fit in a few meetings, I attended a Sales meeting and a couple of project meetings and roadmapping!

I actually like some of the meetings here they are very passionate and the way they solve and estimate is fun! We use something called planning poker... :-D it is hilarious and amazing! You'll get some estimates from 1/2 a day to 13 days! When it is that disparate an all out discussion happens with why people selected those variances of numbers. Aside from work I've been dancing a lot...and I mean A LOT! I did do Blues dancing last night which I freaking LOVE!!!! I can't wait to go again! I love the feel of it, I love the music (except for this one carnival like song that was played :-p), and the people are so, so nice! I met a lot of great people last night :-)

The classes are also really fun and I love that the teachers rotated in! It allowed them to give feedback to everyone. I am also really fascinated by the close embrace. It is amazing how much you can feel when you are that close to someone! I really see this as being beneficial for WCS, afterall, let's be honest...anything I do with other dance styles really comes back to WCS...lol...I know that continuing on with my studies of Blues will really help with my following and with becoming more in touch with the feel of the connection.

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