♥Natalie♥ (natalie516) wrote,

The past two months...

It's been awhile since I've posted...my life has been an interesting rush of events...in October I learned that my aunt had an inoperable brain tumor and would most likely not live to the end of the year. I realized around that time how much I couldn't stand my job...my weight loss came to a halt as I lost motivation to continue...my progression on my dancing had slowed...

It's been about two months since then...my aunt passed away last week...I have a new job...I have become motivated again and have lost 5lbs...and...my dance progression is still, not entirely stagnant, but slow.

All in all, I can't complain. My perspective on what I'm doing with myself has changed (as it does every few months :-p). I will be visiting my aunt's grave when I return to Seattle later this month to pay my respects as well as my grandmothers...though I've taken a new job, I'm not sure if it was the best choice. I do know that I can't work at my current place any longer. I was doing nothing, my professional growth here is stale and putrid. I came to realize that it is so important to work with competent individuals...you really can't do everything yourself. A bit of a pain, unfortunate as well...however, it's the only way to assure that a global product is successful.

Let's be honest here...it isn't possible for 100% of the people in the company to be competent, however there has to be a balance. I'm crossing my fingers that the next company will be more promising. The one thing that makes me smile about going to the new place is my title is going from Associate Product Manager to Senior Product Manager...impressive right? Within in 5 months ;-) I will be making the same base salary, though I have the potential of substantial yearly bonus as well as much better financial benefits, namely 401K.

I also bought a new car, a Jetta Volkswagen TDI; manual of course. :-) I'm quite excited about having a manual again!

I am feeling motivated again towards working out and eating well again, so my workout schedule is starting to get back on track. I've also been having many internal discussions with myself. I'm curious if it is normal to talk to yourself so much? I'm not speaking out loudly as that would be perceived as odd...but I do speak to myself a lot...and no...not two sided conversations as I'm pretty sure that would be considered crazy. I've been trying to give myself courage, self confidence, essentially a lot of pep talking. I'm feeling a bit uptight which is not like me at all. I'm really grateful for the upcoming break so that I can spend some time for self reflection. It's odd...I have so many philosophical things to write and for some reason they fly out of my mind once I begin typing...ahh well...another time when my emotions aren't so sporadic.

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