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Definition of Responsibility

One of the things that I have learned through life is that just because one pays their bills they are not necessarily responsible. Responsibility, just like life, has many layers to it. To be responsible one has to do more than what "society" decrees as responsible. A responsible adult balances his/her life around other things, such as: integrity, family, friends, health, finances, work. Not in that order, but that is my order.

The balance within all those areas is what creates a responsible adult. If one were to focus too much on money/work, versus one's family and friends, that is not being responsible. Whether one wants to admit it or not, one has obligations towards their friends and family, to give them support and love when they need it. Though one is not expected to wait on one's family's or friends hand and foot, it is still an obligation for some sort of support and love.

So I guess what I am trying to say is...responsibility entails so much more than "taking care of your business" it also entails the balance of your life, which includes other people.

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