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Strong enough to be your man by Travis Tritt got me thinking... relationships are so hard sometimes. There is such a great degree of giving and taking, that takes a lot of a person's sense of self...and if one person out of the relationship is not willing, what do you do? Do you walk away, or do you stay?

I also realized to be able to commit yourself to one individual takes a great deal of strength. Not only from the outside, but from within you as a person. This goes for both parties...not only do you have to be strong enough to support that person emotionally...you have to assure their happiness. If you can't handle that and you tell that person sometimes, "Well I am not making you happy, so maybe we should just break up" then you can just so seriously fuck off.

It is not just about you making them happy, and a lot of people mistake that. It is listening to that person, hearing why they are not happy and if you can, if it is not a personality flaw...(if it is a personality flaw then the other person should just accept you, which is also very hard for people to do) then do what you can...however on the flipside that person has to understand that sometimes you cannot always be there for them. That you do have your own life...so if you are unable to spend a great deal of time with that person (if that is what is making that person unhappy) then that person can fuck off.

Relationships are tough, people either don't want to give, don't want to give enough, or give too damn much. Sometimes, one member of the party has to give more, because the other person at the time is not strong enough...but one has to ask oneself, what or when is the breaking point? When do you stop giving? Is it when you start checking out other people? Is it when you start thinking of fucking other people? Is it when you start thinking that there must be something more out there than what you currently have?

Hmm...all good and valid questions that need to be asked.

Funny...many say that I put up with too much, but who dictates that? Isn't that me? So maybe they should shut up and be supportive friends. Sometimes a little flicker of a negative thought will come into my head, but I snip it out of my mind because I KNOW why I do it, I do it for love. I have been off and on if the idea that "love conquers all" but that is another topic all together... ;)

Feel free to share your thoughts...

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