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Whew what a Saturday!

Okay...here is my Saturday...

- Phil

Now, here is one hell of an interesting guy! We talked for 5 hours on the phone! It was fun...he makes me laugh. :) He is great, has the same sense of humor as I do so he is an absolute riot...he is kinda cute too so that is helpful...lol. He likes musicals...wow...there are so few men out there that do. He is well travelled...and he knows his wines, it was quite impressive. ;) So in a nutshell...I would love to talk to him again...well I have...but I would definitely like to get to know him better.

- English Guy who came to my door
WOW...this guy was SUCH a babe! I am so dense...(sigh and thinks she is retarded) he was sooo hitting on me...I didn't even see it. He was taking some kind of a survey or something, he is an exchange student. But did I ask him where he was doing his exchange student thing at?? NOOooo...I was thinking, "God, I hope Yahoo doesn't boot me" (I was playing Spades) Dude...if I could change time...I would have invited him in and asked him a ton of questions. And when he told me that his accent sounded funny, which I didn't think it did, but instead of saying so, I just smiled...I should have said, "Your accent isn't funny at all, in fact it is damn sexy"....oooh...god...and he was such a hottie. He is a golden boy! He has golden brown hair, golden, honey colored eyes...and his skin! Even his skin was golden, kissed by the sun...Mmmmmmmmmmmm....(groan) I am so retarded...I should have given him my number...me and my stupid need for Yahoo Games! No more! I am going not going to do that anymore! NOpe nope nope

- Dakota's
Went to Dakota's, haven't been there in almost a month..I had an absolute blast...it was pretty empty at first but then I met...

- Garrett
He's cute and my favorite Cha-cha partner...

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