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According to some quiz I took

Hmm...I am surprised that none of these feature Seattle because I love it here...

Portland, Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Danbury, Connecticut
New Haven, Connecticut
Balitmore, Maryland

Providence, Rhode Island
Corvallis, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hartford, Connecticut
Little Rock, Arkansas
Washington, District of Columbia
Medford, Oregon
Bend, Oregon
Fayettville, Arkansas
Boston, Massachusetts
Carson City, Nevada
Charleston, West Virgina
Astoria, Oregon
St. Helens, Oregon
Frederick, Maryland
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Essex, Connecticut

Dude...I don't get it...I don't want to live in Oregon...I love Seattle... hmm...there must be some mistake...

Anyway, funny that the thing mentions Connecticut, I just e-mailed my old boss (When I used to work at GE) and he is currently out in Connecticut working for GE Asset Management. He replied that there are some Business Analyst positions out there that are open and to shoot him an e-mail when I am ready to start applying! COOL!!! YES YES YES....I hope I get a job...I hope I get a job... I just don't think I really want one out in Connecticut...unless Kalen will come with me...which I doubt he will... (sigh)

So want to know where you would be best suited to live?

Click Here

Wonder why the surprised face is smiling? I am surprised, irritated not surprised happy... haha... ;)

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