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Long time no write

Ugh...Here I am, I bought this for therapeutic purposes and I have not been writing in it for the past week! Which is horrible because I have been rather stressed. Well...first things first, remember the "friend" I was having problems with? Well, that ended up being a mistake she was not really mad at me or anything. However, last time I spoke with her, which was quite awhile ago, she wanted me to take her somewhere. (roll eyes). Fabulous...another one of those...(sigh) I need some serious help. I honestly thought by this age I would have met people who would be good friends. Alas, I have been most unfortunate in that endeavor...although...I have my brother, my cousin, and of course my darling boyfriend (which by the way we have been getting along much better since our almost break-up).

On another note, the current job I have with GE will be over with May 10. :( Unfortunately, they will be moving to Stamford, Connecticut...so I have been trying my hardest to find another job. I have also had no such luck in this endeavor. Yesterday was just the most horrible day. My boss asked me if May 10 was okay as my last day, and what was I going to say? NO???? Then I also found out that I did not get the internship at Boeing, which I was hoping would come through. So I decided to resign myself to perhaps choosing another major. For those of you who do not know I am currently a Computer Science major with a minor in Business Administration. I figured, why not also get a business major? Perhaps I am not looking in the right places, but I have not seen very many opportunities for MIS, however, I have seen tons of opportunities for Finance and such. So I thought if I majored in Business it would be something to fall back on, just in case. I am not graduating until June 2003, but I am still worried. I figured, "if I do not get a job this summer, I will go to school." I am/was planning to take 6 classes for the summer. Yesterday I was searching for jobs like crazy, almost 3 hours! I am so desperate that I am even looking for a bank teller job! NOT that there is anything wrong with a bank teller job, however, I would much prefer to have an internship more suited for my major so I could get experience.

On a brighter note, I got 17 out of 15 on my Philosophy 345 test (it is an Ethics class). I also received a phone call from someone for a job interview! Yea...however, I think I may still take summer school, just so I will not have to take very many classes next year. As soon as Spring Quarter is over I have 9 more classes before I graduate, 2 of which are business classes. So I have a job interview this Friday, I am very nervous, I am getting interviewed by the whole IT department! Eep... ;)

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