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Fearing a person of color...

Yesterday was quite an interesting day for me...I attended this workshop at work called "Color of Fear", which is a movie, if you haven't seen it you should.

So...I found the workshop to be incredibly interesting, it was all day...and I found out that I learned a lot about myself and I began to recall the racism and prejudice that I have experienced in my own life.

Watching the movie I was sort of amused by the confusion of Nationality and Ethnicity. In the raw definition of those two words...

Nationality: membership in a particular nation (i.e. the country you were born in)

In that sense, my nationality is American

Ethnicity: of or relating to groups of people classed according to common racial or cultural origin

In that sense, my ethnicity is half black (mixed with some Cherokee and some German, slave times ya know ;)) and half Korean.

I was surprised in the workshop how people who were not Euro-American were saying that they had struggled. I am realizing now that I have been quite fortunate.

The first time I was ever called a racial slur was when I was 10 years old...and some kid on the playground called me a "nigger". I honestly didn't think much of it...however, I guess a teacher or someone had over heard him and he was suspended. My parents had never taught me how to deal with racism. I never really connected myself as being someone "different", as far as I was concerned I was just a person, so why should I be treated differently for the color of my skin or my background? I certainly didn't choose it, nor does anyone else.

I began to learn something of my own family as well...my dad's side of the family does not like my mother...why? Because she is not black, so in turn, they are not as fond of me as they are off my cousins who are full black. It goes further into the time when I moved to Georgia and me and a friend of mine had glass bottles thrown at us while we were walking back from the stores and we were called niggers...

To be honest...I don't really think much about these things until yesterday. And I still don't really view them in a light of affecting me. The way I have always seen it is, "I know who I am, their opinion of me doesn't matter". Do not get me wrong...if I hear a racial and even a religious joke being made I ask that person to stop because I feel to me, it is inappropriate, regardless whether I am that religion or that race.

I may have been called racial names in the past and you know...I still might be called some more in the future...but that will never affect who I am. I know I am smart, I know I am pretty, and I damn well know that I have a great deal to offer anyone in terms of friendship, love, and knowledge. I have also learned...that I would rather be alone then be around people who are ignorant.


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Aug. 3rd, 2002 10:24 pm (UTC)
i just wanted to say "hey," basically, as i am also a halfrican (half black and half european amalgamation) and I go to SU. i am definately gonna go rent Color of Fear and hopefully reached some sort of epiphany of who i am too (probably not, but at least my thought will be provoked). ok, im done typing.

<3 mary washington
Aug. 6th, 2002 07:39 am (UTC)
Hehe...well good luck with that. It wasn't so much of an amazing epiphany for me. I already knew this stuff and I have always been pretty nonchalant about racism towards myself. (shrug) It is just I didnt realize the prevelance of it.
Aug. 6th, 2002 07:59 am (UTC)
ditto times ten. :)
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