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I don't know what's wrong with me...it is like I can't get enough sleep...my alarm went off for 50 minutes today before I turned it off, that is how tired I am! I am so exhausted I didn't even hear it go off. I need a break or something, I don't know what's wrong. My friend suggests it is all the sex I have had in the past week...and maybe that is so...because as many of you know I was pretty damn exhausted that following Sunday and slept about 5/6 of the day away...

Well...Kalen called me last night...so far so good as they say. We are talking more about life, versus sex. So, there is definitely a show of progress.

I am serious about being so tired though...one of the reasons why I haven't posted much...my head is so foggy...have you ever had an instance while you are driving your mind completely blanks out and you can't see, well you can see, but everything sort of blurs and then you see someone hitting their brakes and in order for you not to hit them you slam on yours? Ugh...tired...that has got to be what it is...

Ok...sorry...I blanked out for a second there...I need to go on break :(

Hope everyone is having a good day... ;)

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