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I am having the hardest time finding a job right now... :( If I cannot find a job this summer I fear I will have to attend summer school (blegh). On top of my hopeless job search I laugh at the irony of how quickly life seems to go. I remember feeling like life is sooo SLOW...now I wish it would SLOW DOWN...

I had a mid-term today in CSSE 310 today, I have a paper due in PHIL 345 either tomorrow or Thursday, I have a scheme program due for CSSE 380 this Friday, and...(sigh) this Friday is my last day at GE...(groan).

So many things...so little time...and of course I have to ask Eric for help in CSSE 380 (Don't forget Mr. Eric, you did promise to help me study). I am so terrified of this test, one of my friends who is super smart got a 68% on it! (Sigh) Apparently most everyone in the class did so bad that he had to curve it, so she ended up receiving a grade in the 90%.

I suppose that in itself should be conforting, but it isn't. Well...I should probably finish my stupid PHIL 345 paper :p Immanuel Kant and Aristotle are so boring...

Although...I did have an interesting insite...why is it that during Ancient Greek times, no one had last names? I mean...what if there were more than 1 Aristotle and some people decided to gossip and got the philosopher Aristotle confused with the glass maker Aristotle? (shrug) Just a thought...

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