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Well long time no write y'all…I know I haven't really posted in awhile, but I think that this entry will make up for all of that…lol…let's see…

Monday: This was interesting…he wanted me to come over and see his house. I told him it was sort of late to be asking me to do that and he replied, "Well I don't know when I will have any time" and by the time I got to his house it would have been 11:00PM, so I said, "umm…okay". He calls me back about 1 minute later and says, "you are right it is sort of late. Sorry about that, I just got home from work.", me, "That's fine" and he said, "Let's try Tuesday or Wednesday". I said, "Okay, but not if it is late when you get home" he said, "okay"

He freaked out about me being pregnant and wanted to know what we were going to do. I told him to relax…and I know I was saying I am not going to stroke his ego but I simply told him, "I am not that worried. I could never imagine having anyone else's child." And he said, "Me neither, I can't imagine having a child with anyone else". I asked him, "Can you see yourself having sex with me with any other person?" He said, "Absolutely not" hehe…all right! I got my ego stroked… ;)

Before all this I was just relaxing and playing Spades

Tuesday: I went to the gynecologist, got my results…called Kalen and we came to an agreement on what should be done. We chatted a little bit:

Me: So now that we have that figured out we need to get us worked out
Him: I know
Me: Do you still want me to come over?
Him: Yes
Me: You need to understand that when I do come over we are going to talk
Him: Yes, I know

…then he had to go back to work

After that I picked up my friend Megan and we went to Red Robin. After eating I dropped her off and went home to…you guessed it! Play spades…lol…

Wednesday: Work was…okay…if my boss says "Workflow" one more time I am going to scream!!! Ugh…I am just waiting for the day that I will be done with my job here…I think I was dumb and signed on for another week though (sigh) I am so retarded… (reminder: 12:00-1:00 tape AMC) hehe…I keep forgetting to do that…it is getting good! My favorite couple is going to get back together soon…woohoo!

Went home…made some yummy dinner…and then I ran up and down the stairs today at home because I didn't feel like going to the gym. Lol…umm…then I played Spades…oh oops…that is out of order…

I got home…while I was cooking my yummy dinner Kalen called:

Me: Hello
Him: Hey, how are you doing?
Me: Good…a little tired…how are you?
Him: I am in George right now
Me: George? Is that south? (duh…I am being a dork, I know where it is)
Him: George…you don't know where George, Washington is? You know…the Gorge
Me: Oh YAH! (Like I said, duh) Right, right….what are you doing there?
Him: I had to pick up some stuff from Spokane today
Me: Oh okay.
Him: I won't be home until 11PM, but I still want you to come over
Me: Well, not tonight.
Him: Okay
Me: Okay, I will make dinner when I come over, okay?
Him: (smiling) Sounds good

Played a little spades…*dances*

Thursday: Got into work late…hehe…which is funny because this whole week I have been 30 minutes early everyday. Sent Kalen a message on his phone telling him to give me a head's up on dinner. I am going to make lasagna, garlic bread, and fudge…

I told him I need a day before warning because I am going to make the lasagna the night before, not bake it, but make it then let all the seasonings soak overnight…mmm…

Let's see…I think I will go home…either nuke my previous nights dinner or nuke some curry…that means I have to make rice…hmm…I should, so I could bring curry for lunch tomorrow. Run up and down the stairs some more, add some sit-ups and squats…then I am going to play spades. Lol…I know…I am addicted…it is pretty bad…

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :)

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