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I've done a bad, bad thing...


Well...I guess one would have to define bad right? Let's see...This weekend was quit uneventful for me...I didn't really leave the house.

The reason I did a bad thing is because I am supposed to be working on a workflow...and well, I'm not...I've be on here...posting to allmychildren and debate. Basically, I have been catching up on everyone's journal entries. Maybe I just shouldn't have so many damn friends? lol...naw...I love you all. It is just quite a bit to catch up with from Friday, August 23 1:00PM to now. That'll teach me to keep up with it over the weekend.

Friday: Skipped out on work, had lunch with drbrain at this place called Wally's and yes Eric, it was good, let's go again!

Later on that night made home-made blueberry muffins, which are delicious!

Saturday: Played spades...then went dancing

Sunday: Slept in...played spades

Monday: (yes I am talking about today)
5:30PM Get off work
7:00PM Hopefully I will be home by this time
7:15PM Jog/Walk for 6 miles...hopefully if I get home on time and it isn't too dark
9:00PM Blow dry my hair straight?

hehe...this is all relative, I might go to Kalen's.


So I applied for a real job last week...got a reply...she asked me to fill out an application...filled out the application...she will get back to me soon she says (cross fingers)


I think I am retarded...as I said before I think I volunteered to work here longer...(sigh) and I am going to feel super bad if I don't because my boss is going out of her way to see if they can fit me in the budget (cross fingers for a negative response)


I really like my loveguru site. I have posted some of my past entries on love there and I have gotten very interesting and thought provoking responses back. :) So thanks to those of you who joined and got involved!


Well...hope everyone's else has had a good weekend and an excellent first day back!

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