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What a day it will be...

Ok ok...soooooo last night didn't go exactly as planned (surprise, surprise) \

I ended up not leaving work until 6:50PM...ugh...

Good news/Bad news

Bad: Didn't go work out (looks ashamed)

Good: Played spades instead and my rank is moving up! haha...ok...I have too much time on my hands...


Bad: Didn't go to Kalen's

Good: He called and we talked for a short period of time and then he went to bed. Oh...he also told me that he misses me a great deal (swoon...okay not really, but my heart did flutter)


Bad: I hate my job

Good: I applied for a new job and a REAL job! Yea...(does a little dance around the screen) *crosses fingers* Oooh I hope I get it...they want to know if I am available full-time before school ends. Unfortunately, I am taking 4 classes this quarter all during the day...I could only squeeze in 10-16 hours max. Don't know how you do it Jamez. The classes I applied for are not offered at night. (sigh) Since I am doing Senior Project the two required classes for Senior project are in the mornings. One of my other CS classes I am taking is in the middle of the afternoon...and my one business class is at night. I do hate night classes...I am so tired around that time. Needless to say, one would think their Senior year will be the easiest and most lax...hmm...doesn't feel like it will be. If I look at the probability of me getting a job I will be so busy.


Bad: I will be at work for an extra 15 minutes...lol...I know it isn't much but I needed something bad to maintain this pattern

Good: Aerobics at 7PM baby! Yea!


Okay, enough of the Bad/Good news...I feel so weird. I am relaxed, but I'm not. When I get home and I relax...but at the same time I can't. I'm not sure what's wrong, just a lot of things on my mind I guess...

Work - Hoping to get one
Jamez - How are you doing dear? We haven't spoken for awhile...

That is only 3 things...okay I'm lame...lol. I can't wait to go to California... maybe I will finally be able to really relax.


God, I am so tired too...i want to go under my desk and sleep...sort of like Jason Alexander when he was playing George in Seinfeld! Wish my desk was made like that, unfortunately, a traditional cubicle desk.


Can't wait until The Lord of the Rings Collector's Edition comes out! I am so excited about that! Can't wait until The Two Towers comes out! Mmm...okay...I need to go to my 1.5 hour meeting...(sigh)


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