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Long time gone

Wow…it has been an incredibly long time since I have written in my journal! I am almost too lazy to write about all the stuff that has been going on…okay…here goes:

Wednesday: Let's see, flew into San Diego and was picked up by Mikey, Eric, Chris, and Rachel (Chris' girlfriend). Pretty uneventful night, stayed home

Thursday: This day was great!!! Okay, so we went to MAGIC MOUNTAIN It was SOOOOO great!!! Here is a list of rides I went on in this order:

Batman the Ride
The Riddler's Revenge
Superman the Escape
Viper (again)

It was great! All the rides were pretty fun, except for Psyclone. That ride was just very violent! I swear I must have bruised my back somewhere! X was pretty fun, however, it was the only ride we waited for and I don't really feel as though that 1.5 hours of waiting for a 3-minute ride was worth it. (shrug) Oh well. Let's see…what else happened…oh…well just to explain this, there were 11 people stay at Mike and Donna's house and out of those 11 I only liked 4. That isn't too good of a ratio. Chris, who was Mike's best man just pissed me off! From an emotional stand point I was Mike's best man. Chris wasn't around long enough because he was taking his ugly, big-nosed, no personality girlfriend all over the place. It's as if they forgot the purpose of their trip to California. It wasn't to go traipsing around it, it was for Mikey and Donna's wedding! It made me so mad!!! Hmph…Donna asked Chris to not forget to grab the sunscreen from his car because she was wearing a strapless wedding dress so she didn't want to get sunburned. And his dumb ass forgot it! She called him before he got out of his car! (roll eyes) Honestly…on top of that we had to wait for him and his stupid girlfriend. Instead of eating at the same time the rest of us did, they decided to stop for something to eat on the way to Six Flags. Stupid little irritants… Hahahahahaha…I didn't talk about the funniest part yet…Chris and Rachel left Six Flags early. See, Chris, Rachel, and Eric drove down here together. I flew in. I am really glad now that I didn't drive in with them, they would have really pissed me off. So anyway, Chris and Rachel left early because apparently Rachel has some "friend" in L.A. that wanted to meet her and take her out to dinner. Yeah, that's right, take her out to dinner. Funny part? Well, this is a "friend" who is male and whom she has never met in her life! This guy and her work for the same company and apparently she initially met him while making business calls down to L.A. and they got to talking and decided to meet. Now why the hell is Chris okay with this? I know I sure as hell wouldn't be! So Chris drives her big-nosed ass to L.A. AND he pays for dinner for ALL three of them!!!! (shake head) Sad…so sad…

Friday: This was a pretty good day! Donna, Kim (Donna's Maid of Honor), Adrianne (Donna's sister), Billy Joe (Donna's mom), and I went to some mall in Temecula (Mikey lives in Hemet). We got our nails done, or at least Donna and I did. She got acrylics and I got French tip! It is soooo pretty. I think I am going to maintain it! :) Later on we had the wedding rehearsal, then we went to Mikey's parent's house. That was tons of fun! I love his family they just crack me up! Mikey has 2 nieces, Joey (age 2) and Danny (age 1), they are both girls. They are the most energetic children I have ever met!!! It was wonderful, I had a great deal of fun playing with them. His dad and mom are soo entertaining! Oh yeah…the blood isn't too good between Donna and her family. Her dumb ass sister who is 24 fucking years old can't even handle her own life! First off…she dresses slutty…second off she wears about 6 layers of make-up…third off she bleachers her hair blonde so damn much she is already starting to go bald…fourth off she is an admitted beer slut, meaning she will fuck anyone/anything when she is drunk. She brought a stupid sock puppet to the wedding rehearsal and when the guy who was running the rehearsal said, "Who gives this bride away" before Donna's dad could say anything Adrianne whips out this sock puppet and goes, "I do, Victor Charlie" and I guess it is some sort of family joke. Okay, so I guess it was cute? Donna was laughing, but she said, "If you do that at my wedding I will kill you". Lol…

Saturday: The day of the wedding. The day started out kinda rocky because nerves were high between Donna and Mikey, they got into a silly little fight. I managed to calm him down after Donna, Kim, Adrianne, and Billy Joe went to get their hair/make-up done. Onto the wedding…Chris didn't help at all. I helped out more than he did, I ended up passing the flowers out to the Moms, Dads, Grandparents, etc. I also spooned some punch into the cups for a little while to help deter traffic around the punch bowl. The wedding ceremony itself was absolutely lovely and I hope my wedding is just as lovely. I will be adding in the unity candle though. Mikey got very teary-eyes when Donna walked down the aisle. She was stunning in her dress. :) I am so happy for them!!! The reception was also nice…the amusing parts of the wedding:

Chris/Rachel - okay…so I don't know about these two, I know that they won't be too serious. Chris looks at other girls way too much. Rachel…well…like I said, she is pretty damn boring with no personality around us, but when she is around other guys wooosh! Total transformation! She was introduced to one of Mike's friends, Nathan. Now, Nathan and her were talking quite a bit…now here is the amusing part. Before Rachel was introduced to Nathan she stuck to Chris' side like glue! When Mike and Donna wanted everyone to come and have a group picture Donna and Mike were in the center (of course) Chris was on Mike's side and Rachel stood on the other side near Donna next to Nathan. Hmm…now this is where it gets interesting… :) I saw this, so I said, "Umm…Chris, where's your girlfriend?" and he said, "Uh…" and then he looked around he spotted her, Chris is tall, he is about 6'5" and says, "Hey Rachel, honey, come stand over here" and she said, "No, I am quite comfortable where I am" ROFLMAO HAHHAHAHAHAHA I can't believe she said that!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHA

Rachel/Me/Nathan - So…it was Nathan, Rachel, then Me sitting at one of the tables at the reception. Her and Nathan were talking and then I butt in and me and Nathan started chatting about Mikey. See, I have been friends with Mikey for 5 years now, so we just traded off stories on what Mike was like in the younger years. Well I don't think Ms. Stupid Girl (Mike's word) liked that! LOL…Okay…now if there is one thing I cannot stand is someone who takes credit where credit isn't due. I am surprised what a good girl I was! I was very nice. Let's see…okay, so when we went to Six Flags it was an uneven number of people so me and Mikey took turns sitting by ourselves. Nathan was supposed to come with us but he was unable to. So Rachel is telling him what a "hardship" it was that he couldn't come, because it was stressful for "us" because sometimes one of "us" had to ride alone. ROFLMAO. Err…hmm…yah…okay…so I HAD to say something! I said, "Uh, Rachel, what are you talking about? You rode with Chris the whole time." (shake head) and Nathan of course, laughed at her. Then she talked about how hard the drive was down here as it was 18.5 hours…once again I had to intercede. I said, "What are you talking about Rachel? You can't even drive a manual. You slept the whole way down here." LOL…aren't I sweet? As you can see I am not too fond of her…

Adrianne/Donna/Billy - Okay…umm…as I stated before…blood isn't too good between the family. Adrianne brought out that stupid ass sock puppet again during the reception. Fortunately, Donna caught her before anything went awry. She nicely asked Adrianne to put it away and pointed out that as cute as it was at the rehearsal she did not want it during her wedding. Adrianne got all huffy and stormed off to the bridal room and changed out of her Bridesmaid attire. Then Billy came up to Donna and said, "Too bad you can't even have a sense of humor at your own wedding" That stupid bitch!!! I can't believe she said that to her own daughter on her wedding day!!! I went and rubbed Donna on the back and told her, "Relax, don't let what she said get to you" Hollow words I know…but I think she needed some kind of comfort. If my parents treated me the way her parents did they would never have known I was getting married. The way that her family treats her is absolutely apalling. :(

Sunday: Finally…came home this day…I am glad to be back.


So that is what has been going on over the past few days…onto the things that I said I would talk of earlier…I am not going to talk about most of the stuff I said I would in last week's post, they seem sort of trivial. In short, I played a great deal of FFX and Spades last week. I bought clothes for the wedding and shoes. The outfit I bought is quite adorable! :) Let’s see…I wore a wine colored skirt with tiny khaki and black colored pin stripes. I wore a matching khaki colored camisole and a light, hand-knitted, see through, rose-patterned button-up shirt over that, which is also wine colored. I also wore a pair of healed, black Mary Jane's which pulled the black from the wine colored skirt. Over-all I was quite adorable! :) I love this see through shirt though! It is peasant style with bell arms. Tastefully done of course. As for my friend's Wedding Present…I got a silver picture frame and on the top it has two inter-locking wedding rings and on the bottom it says:
Michael & Donna (last name)
Septeber 7, 2002

Nice, huh? :)

As for the cooking, Tuesday night I made double chocolate cup-cakes for everyone at work, they loved them! :) I also made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and gravy for dinner. I made it for Kalen in particular. This leads to Kalen. Here's what happened. Him and I got into a fight that was truly needed. I told him about some stuff that were going to change and stuff that I did not appreciate. Apparently, that knocked some sense into him. See, before we broke up he always told me, "I love you" first, well this time around it has been me. I am trying my best to be understanding. I found out why he was so hesitant to get back with me and that is because a great deal of the guys at his work are getting divorced. Their wives are unable to deal with their work schedule anymore. So Kalen told me I don't want to put anyone through with dealing with that. He said, that he doesn't even like dealing with it. I assured him that I would be more understanding. He said, "Okay, but we aren't going to last" Oh ye of little faith, eh? Well, apparently I have to show him that I can handle it. I know I didn't handle it very well last time, but I have grown and learned a lot in our 2 month break. I know what I want now. So, on Tuesday when I came over with the meatloaf we fought and I got so irritated with him saying, "we aren't going to work" I asked him, "If you honestly don't think we are going to work, why the fuck are you dating me again?" (As you can see I was MAD) and he simply said, "Because I am hoping we will." Lol…so I just laughed at him and said, "I can work with hope." So ever since then…it has been really weird…like I said, I have been the one saying "I love you" first. Well…ever since Thursday he has been the one to say it first…he also been calling me more frequently. So this is good! It is getting much better.

There is more on him, but not right now, I am so tired and I have spent the past hour already typing this…

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