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This weekend

my dad is currently in the hospital...we took him to the ER Sunday night. Apparently for the past month or so he has been ailing with pneumonia and hasn't said anything. It makes me mad that my dad is 53 and can't take care of himself. I don't know what it is about my family but we refuse to go to the doctor until we are the point of death. My dad insisted that he was okay last Wednesday. His temp was 104 when I took it on Friday. It went down to 101.9 when I took it again Saturday 2AM. Sunday morning I found him collapsed in the bathroom. For the past week he has been laying flat on his back, which isn't good because he needs to be laying at an elevated level due to all the water in his lungs. My dad will be in the hospital for about a week because when me and my brother took my dad in he was so low on oxygen that they have him in a respiratory machine for the past 2 days and he will not be off it for another day or two. (sigh) Of course my military id card is expired so I can't go see my dad without my mom or my brother. I have to go get my card renewed sometime next week. Fortunately, my brother works at Camp Murray which is right across the street from Madigan Hospital where my dad is at. So many things have been happening this weekend that have been either stressful and/or tiring. I know this particular entry is quite incoherent due to my inconsistent flow of speech, oh well.

I have to remind myself that I write for no one else but myself. I am currently at work, I did not come in yesterday so I could go see my dad in the morning. He is currently in ICU.

Funny thing I realized about myself, I guess I was just in denial for awhile. I can be such a bitch. haha...I like to think that I am really nice, but there is a fire in my personality that just honestly doesn't care what other people think of me, whether it is people I know, don't know, or family. For instance...Sunday night my dad and his parents who live in New Orleans talk on the phone for a few hours. Well, my dad can't really talk right now, due to lack of oxygen and all the water in his lungs. So when they called him, he couldn't say very much, well he can, but it is so soft you can't hear it over the phone, you can barely hear him when your ear is practically smacked against his mouth. So they call my house, I answer the phone and explain that my dad is not feeling very well. They asked me what was wrong and at that time I didn't know. So I said, "I don't know", he went to the doctor (who by the way diagnosed him wrong and gave him 3 prescription medicines that were not necessary, honestly, civilian doctors *roll eyes*) and they gave him medicine. I think I talk too fast for them to understand me so my grandpa ended passing me off to my grandma. I talked to her and explained to her that I think he has pneumonia, he had it last year around the same time and I thought it was lung inflicted since he had been coughing and what not. She got mad and started bitching me out for not calling them and tell them. I told her, "Why should I call you? My dad is 53 years old, he was fine up until Wednesday if he wanted you to know he would have called you himself" I was so damn close to hanging up on her. Then she told me to call her tomorrow to tell her how he is and and I said, "yah, okay, whatever". I really don't like talking to them. One of my biggest fears is that I will not cry when my grandparents die. I know that sounds weird, but there is a lot of rift between my dad's parents and us. Racially discriminatory on their part towards, me, my brother, and my mom. (shake head) I honestly just didn't feel like dealing with them at that time. I honestly don't feel like dealing with too many people right now.

My brother told me that he would do the phone calling to them, thank God. I wasn't planning to call them yesterday or any other day for that matter. (shrug) Now that the vent is over...

School starts soon...yeah! I am so excited, I can't wait to go back...sooner I start, sooner I end right? I am not looking forward to finding a real job though...I should probably focus the next two weeks to that. (sigh) Oh boy...I better start buying lots and lots of stamps!

Any advice on how to go about finding/obtaining a job?

Anyway...I should probably go get something to eat...ciao y'all...


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Sep. 17th, 2002 05:35 pm (UTC)
Sep. 18th, 2002 11:09 am (UTC)
Thanks Tony
Sep. 18th, 2002 11:31 am (UTC)
no prob ;-)
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