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Since I haven't

written in awhile there is a lot of stuff that has happened lately that I haven't talked about...

Mike's Wedding

So here goes...

Mike's Wedding
It was absolutely beautiful, it makes me want to get married soon! However, my mom has threatened to disown me if I get married before the age of 25. lol...I would get married before then though if I was really ready. I know that when I get married I am going to be crying when I say the vows.

Things are getting so weird with him...through our whole relationship there has been such poor communication. We usually end up getting into fights where there is a misunderstanding on either of our sides, or both our sides. He called me last night and asked me to come over. Not to have sex with me, but he said he just wanted to cuddle with me and have me at his side. (shake head) It has just been a really weird weekend for me. Kalen and I got into a huge fight Friday night...then he's calling me Saturday, Sunday, Monday...he apologized for over-reacting, then last night while we were talking we saw the misunderstanding that had occurred between us.

I love him a great deal...I have never loved another as much as him...
However, I am worried about this Lea person. While on our break/break-up I kissed another guy, he found out and so he went off and kissed another girl. That other girl is Lea...yet he is still chatting with her...I am going to find out tonight. I asked him if I could come over tonight and sleep with him since I don't work tomorrow. He said, "Let me see how I am feeling after I get off work tonight, I am not sure how long I will be working." So I told him fine. I am going to ask him if he sexually/physically attracted to Lea and tell him that I don't feel comfortable with them being friends. Then I am going to see what he says. It isn't like I am still talking to Chad!

Well...if you scroll down you can the entries on him...

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