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So many things...

have been happening in my life right now, my dad is in the hospital, I broke up with Kalen yesterday...

There is a long story behind Kalen, which I am not ready to delve into yet...maybe tomorrow...

On a brighter note, this is my first day back at school. My first class today was at 10:45 and it was for Senior Project. It is great because I was skimming through the book and I did all this stuff at my old job at GE!!! Woohoo...this class should be cake! My next and last class for the day is at 1:15-2:40, Intro to Database Systems...

On a side note...though I broke up with Kalen and all the hell he put me through I am still in love with him. It is really funny...I think it is my whole perception of love. I always felt that when people are in love that the love should be unconditional and never-ending. I am scared that I will never love someone as much as I love him...

Oh well...I need to stop dwelling until I am ready to write down what happened...

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