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My life really...

sucks...my dad ends up in the hospital...my boyfriend...ex-boyfriend lies...started school...looking for a real job...then today...well...

I got into a damn car accident. I mean honestly, can you believe my luck? Wasn't my fault. I was driving home on West Valley Hwy, this guy was coming in from a side street, he was stopped at the stop sign, he hesitates, I start honking, but he goes anyway! Damn asshole! Both of my airbags deploy, my right arm/hand is numb, bruised, swollen, you name it. My passenger window shattered and I got some glass embedded in my hand which was taken out, after I bled. The front right part of my car is crumpled...I hope it is totalled...then I get a new car :) There's my joy for the day...my knees are also bruised, for those of you who don't know I am 5'2" so I pretty close to the steering wheel/dashboard, so my knees must have hit the dashboard when I collided. My chest is also bruised with the impact of the air bag. My chest and my tummy...(sigh) have this huge bruise on it...my poor pinky...(sigh)

I should write about what happened to Kalen sometime in the near future too...but that still hurts


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Sep. 28th, 2002 10:12 pm (UTC)
sorry to hear about that....so uhh yer single eh....hehehheheheheh
if i could say somthing that would make it all nice and groovie again.. i would... and i knew what to say to do it.. i would prolly go on the raod and heal everyones suffering
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