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Finally...a decent guy!

Soooooooo...I do believe I said I would give an update on the guy that I went out with last night. He is so incredible. We didn't go on a date, we just stayed at his place and ate dinner...talked...had a little sex...lol...

Him and I had spoke to one another for 5 hours straight! From 1AM-6AM we were glued to our phones. For the first hour I bitched and moaned about you know who, and the last 3-4 hours him and I learned more about one another. I admit, I like what I know. We share the same views on one-night stands and on religion. That was nice...we don't feel the need to sleep over at a person's house or sleep with that person. :)

He is smart, independent, goal-oriented, an interesting/intellectual conversationalist, he is excellent at bantering with me and yes...he doesn't let me have my way all the time, which is nice it shows he isn't a push over...that is so hard to find. He also so damn interesting because he is a total hornball...yet respectful at the same time...I like it!

Too many people take what I say too seriously...yet...he has found a way to understand when I am joking. :) Let's see...he is also very intuitive which startled me. I have never met someone who bothered to listen to me when I wasn't speaking. I know that sounds funny...but we were just laying in bed, my head was on his chest, we weren't saying anything, I was just running my hand up and down his chest and he says, "What?" I say, "What do you mean what?" and he says, "What's on your mind?" and I said, "how do you know anything is on my mind?" and he said, "Your breathing changed"

Whew...this man just shocks me, pleasantly so. I am going to have so much fun getting to know him, if I get the chance of course.

Soooo...hehehe...here is the exciting part...we had sex. Oooh yum...he is soooo yummy...he has got such a nice ass! hehe...and a wonderful penis (sigh happily) I love going down on him! :) He is pretty big too...I swear to God I didn't think he would fit...fortunately he did! Woohoo...I ended up sleeping over at his house...I didn't mean to though...

He knows what he is doing with his hands...I found it so incredible how he knew exactly where to touch me to turn me on...whew...I just wanna pin him down and...lol...

He is also wonderful because he isn't a wam bam person...he is "Lots of foreplay first" type person...oooh yum...I am going to have so much fun with him...I came so hard I was shaking for quite awhile...I ended up waltzing home around 6AM...lol...

Okay...I know all that sounds bad...like I am just using him for sex, but sex is just the icing on the cake. As I said before...he is sexy because he is so damn intelligent and sweet...

Well...hope everyone else had such a great day!
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