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The low down...(with a bonus question at the end)

Slowly things in my life are starting to stablize...I should have a car by this Sunday at the latest...I am starting to reorganize my life out of chaos. haha...I won't be getting my 2003 Honda... *sniff* Maybe when I have a real job...I am not sure what I will be getting. My mom gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. She offered to loan me $10,000 to buy a car...which leaves me with $12,000 to buy a car, I am using the other $3,400 to pay off some bills. So I will be debt free with a car :)

School is picking up pretty quick right now...I will be assigned to my project tomorrow (groan) so I need to do some catch-up work this weekend. I was at school until 1:30AM yesterday...(sigh) got up at 6:30AM to go back :p
After this weekend I am looking at a caught up lifestyle in school...

Also, my room is absolutely ghastly (yeah, shut up David) that will be cleaned this weekend as well. Does anyone think I will be busy this weekend? Probably no dancing for me *sniff*

As for work...I am slowly starting to pull myself out of the stupor of, "What the hell am I doing here again?" mode. :) I am going to create a task list after this entry.

Ahem...men? Well, now let's see...there is this guy in my CSSE class...he is graduating this year as well...he is 32...I know...kinda old for me...but he is cute, smart...and nice. He is the one that I am wondering if he is gay. I know that is horrible...but I don't know...he is also well dressed, but maybe that is just because he is 32? So...I want to get to know him better...question is...how do I know if he likes me? I was thinking of just asking him if he wouldn't mind getting together with me sometime and doing a Q&A session. lol...I have so many questions for him, there are few people that I actually WANT to get to know better. The most recent person that I chose to get to know better is drbrain. Ahem...so what do you think you guys? How can I approach getting to know him better tactfully?
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