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Ahem...a sweetheart...

So I met this guy on Friday at school and I have seen him around for the past 3 years I've just never really talked to him. Well, I talked to him on Friday, ended up sending him a message asking him more questions then ending with a question if he would like to go out for drinks sometime. He replied on Saturday and gave me his number. I gave him a call...we went out Saturday. I actually just got home about 30 minutes ago.

He is the most incredible person...he is funny, sweet, nice, and a perfect gentleman. :) He also smells nice. lol...We went out to dinner at Ivar's, it was really nice, it was restaurant setting versus the fast food Ivar's. I had salmon, it was really good! I told him that I would pay for dinner next time :) We have plans to meet up this Monday maybe for lunch or something? lol...like I said he is nice. I enjoyed his company. After Ivar's we went back to his place, we watched 2 movies: Lord of the Rings and Monsters, Inc. :) He has a very nice place...and a very nice car. LOL...no no no...this isn't about his car, I liked him before I knew what he drove (Acura 3.2TLS)!

He is also a very good kisser...I hope kissing goes a little more in depth next time...not sex, because I am going to take this one slow. I think I will really enjoy dating him, he is an absolutely incredible person...he told me a great deal about his personal life and I am flattered that he is so comfortable talking about it with me. That however, will be in another entry, a private entry.

Hope everyone else has had a fabulous weekend...


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Oct. 13th, 2002 12:05 pm (UTC)
be careful of symbiosis, Natalie.
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