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Damn...I feel the energizer bunny! I have to go to 3 chiropractor appointments...and I have to have 2 massages a week. it sucks. I know that sounds weird but I hate getting massages because it HURTS! She said it is because my muscles are so tight, and maybe they are...lol...but I thought they were just fine thanks.

Bought my new car yesterday and it is so damn cute!!! And I look so damn cute driving it! Yeah!!! woohoo...it is a 2001 Mirage, 2dr, silver, tinted windows, and a cute little spoiler on the back. It has everything!!! It is soooooo wonderful!!!

Have a Finance test coming up...booo...booo...(sigh) So I really need to start studying for that...

Eric...okay, that is his name. Not drbrain, another Eric. He is so sweet...he is the guy I went out with last Saturday. We went/hung out yesterday. He showed me where he use to live (he drove, it is a nice change from the other one), he took me to Mukilteo beach and we walked around, then we went out to dinner and I insisted on paying! lol...we went back to his place watched a movie...and made out. LOL...I know I know...he is such a damn good kisser though!!! He is also very sensual...(sigh) Yes yes...I am very happy...I can't remember when I have had so much fun making out with a guy! He has got the greatest tongue! LOL...Oh...physically/emotionally...I melted. I absolutely melted. I was so damn weak in the knees...(sigh) that is a feeling I haven't had in awhile either. He had to send me home though because it was getting so heated. lol...we agreed that if we want a relationship we are going to move slow...I am not sure if this is slow though! lol...something we will have to talk about later...oh well...write more later!

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