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Life is funny...

I know I am not writing as often as I used to...I have been so busy though, with my four classes and my new beau...hehe...I really, really like this guy! He is so damn sweet...

We were chatting yesterday about how we met and our situation is so circumstantial! I went into the McNulty Collegium looking for another guy (not any guy, a certain one) because I thought he had gone in there. Well, he wasn't and I was a little hungry so I figured I would get a cup of noodles to eat for lunch. There is this black pot with water in it that is about 99% always hot and ready to use for tea or the cup of noodles. Well, for some reason it wasn't hot, so I had already poured water in it (thinking that it was hot) and decided to put it in the microwave for 1 minute. Well I had to wait for this other guy to cook his food, the other guy being Eric :) I have never spoken to this guy, I have always seen him around campus for the past 3 years, like I said before, and I never had a desire to talk to him. I commented about his food looking good, hot pockets, and he said, "yeah, but not very healthy, but it is something quick I can grab if I don't have time to make lunch" I just laughed and asked him what his major was (like I said, I have seen him around for 3 years and I had no idea what he majored in, I just knew it was something in Engineering as the McNulty Collegium is specified to Engineering majors). After his food cooked he sat his plate next to mine, and he said the only reason he did was because I had pictures of cars at my area because I was searching for a car. lol...funny huh?

We are hanging out tonight to study and we will be hanging out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. LOL...I know...I know...I can't get enough of this guy! I love spending time with him. He is so fun. :) He told me to bring casual and nice clothes, we can do something outdoorsy during the day and go somewhere nice at night. :)

I am going to take him to "Twisted Flicks" with Jet City Improv, he said he likes things like, "Who's Line is it?" I think I am going to buy the tickets tomorrow, I need to make sure he doesnt have plans for Friday or Saturday. :)

Senior Project lunch was yesterday...ugh...so much crap to do! yuck yuck yuck...I would post what I am supposed to do, but I signed a confidentiality agreement LOL...

Hope everyone else has been having an eventful day. :)

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