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So my life has been such a time warp...the weekend went by way too fast. I spent the weekend with Eric...we tried to do homework, but we are a distraction to one another. Hopefully, it is just because we are new to one another. I asked him to take a personality test and our personality types makes us a "novelty" to one another! :)

Funny thing, Kalen called me this weekend. Told me I could come pick up the DVD that he is holding hostage. However, I do not think it is worth it, I would rather spend the extra $20 to just buy it somewhere. Eric, being the sweetheart he is, offered to pick it up for me or go with me to pick it up. I don't want him involved though so I said no. It is weird that Kalen called though, and especially that he was so damn calm. I don't trust him, I wonder what he was planning to do with me when I came to pick it up?

So this weekend Eric and I made love. :) It was...incredible, I don't even know how to explain it. He is such a wonderful kisser...lover...ugh...he is just absolutely wonderful! When he kisses me I shiver, lose my balance, can't breathe right...lol...it is crazy. When we make love...I tremble...hehe...I have never felt that way before. It is so funny...lol...he told me that I give him chills. LOL...I think it is so cute...everything is going so fast between him and I, but it feels right. He says the damn sweetest things to me.

This is before we ever made love...he was holding me, I was sitting on his lap and he kissed me and told me that he never wanted to let go of me. He is so damn funny. He is such an Engineer. I don't think I mentioned it but he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. We were cuddling that night, it was Friday night and he told me that he never believed in love in first sight and that he doesn't know how to describe how he feels for me. He told me that his parents fell in love at first sight but he had never believed it was possible. :)

He told me that he had always believed that you can choose who you love, but now he feels that love chooses you, and if that's the case he is in love with me. (sigh) I know all this sounds incredibly sudden and that I should be very careful, so I will be. However, I cannot change the way I feel for him...the way he makes me physically and emotionally feel when I am with him, when I think of him, when he holds me...

He is so sweet...whenever I am in the kitchen he will come up behind me and start hugging me and kissing me...lol...he also thinks I look sexy in his shirts. lol...I ended up wearing one of his button up Kenneth Cole shirts so I wouldn't have to put my clothes on. He also offered to buy me a dresser so I could keep my things in it! He is so funny! lol...so I left a hairbrush, curling iron, bathing supplies, facial soap, body sprays, panties, a shirt, and socks at his house thus far. :) When we went grocery shopping he made room for some stuff that I picked out that I want to eat. :) He is so damn cute...and he toted me around to different stores that I needed to go to! It was great...he is so...I don't even know how to explain him. Very few men will take their girlfriend's shopping to wherever they want to go...

Anyway...lol...I can always write more later...


Oct. 22nd, 2002 01:29 pm (UTC)

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