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For the men (maybe women?)

I want to do something romantic for my boyfriend...any ideas/suggestions? when I say romantic I mean all out surprise...an area I can take him, dinner I can make him...etc...etc...


Oct. 24th, 2002 05:00 pm (UTC)
Not really...
Isn't trolling for other people's ideas of romantic sort of a counterproductive activity? I thought one of the main POINTS of romance was that it was homegrown and had effort put into it.
I don't think it's counterproductive, I like to get other people's thoughts, there is nothing wrong with that. What I do with those ideas and thoughts is another thing. This question was more directed for people who know the area because I wanted more ideas on where I could possibly take him.

Aren't those men who delegate selecting an anniversary gift to their secretaries being shockingly UNromantic? Why is it different when you seek out activity suggestions from random people on the internet?

Unless, of course, there are different rules for romance for men and women...which there probably are.
No there are not different rules

Still I'd think that if he's truly enraptured by you mojo he'd care more about the gesture coming from your heart and mind than what in particular it was.
Oh he is enraptured. He can't believe that I am thoughtful, there are so many people out there who are selfish and don't know how to show people they care. Also, him and I have the most wonderful debates...he is a huge fan of Nietschze, I personally can't stand the man, however, it leads to interesting conversations...however, that is neither here nor there.

Frankly most men don't go for big silly romantic gestures.
The keyword is most, fortunately he does like to do romantic things, and in turn be on the receiving end. Fortunately him and I both demand high maintenance.

I'd say clean his apartment and fellate him if you want to do something he'd truly appreciate, or take him to the Ballet if you want to make him squirm.
I didn't clean his apartment, however I did cook dinner for him, did the dishes, made him coffee...however he is so sweet because he returns the actions...he made me breakfast. That and I always ask him if he wants/needs anything before I arrive at his house, so I can pick something up for him :)

As for fellatio...I do it everytime we have sex.

I am not much of a ballet goer myself, however I do enjoy a musical and him and I are talking of attending Les Miserables. :)

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