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For the men (maybe women?)

I want to do something romantic for my boyfriend...any ideas/suggestions? when I say romantic I mean all out surprise...an area I can take him, dinner I can make him...etc...etc...


Oct. 24th, 2002 05:01 pm (UTC)
Not really contd...
Also I'm surprised nobody has used the term "rebound" in your journal yet?
I am not mourning for Kalen because he doesn't deserved to be mourned for. I was in a relationship with someone that I should have stayed out of the moment we broke up the first time. We broke up in April, got back together in April, broke up in June, got back together end of August. We broke up in September and I don't regret it. I am glad. I was in a verbally abusive relationship because I was too blind and stupid to get and keep myself out of it. The way I see it, I learned something from him and I learned what I do not need and what I DO NOT want.

Him and I had nothing in common, he was running down a road of destruction, he drank too much, smoked too much (and I don't just mean cigarettes). I on the other hand am graduating college soon and I am going to have a great, promising job, i.e. future. I don't need to be pulled down by him.

Besides, I did what I had to do with Scott to "get over" Kalen. Some may not agree with the way I did it, but I did what I had to do and it worked. One should stick with things that works for them right?

The most romantic thing you could do would be to truly examine your feelings from a dispassionate perspective and figure out whether any of it is residual from your last bout of betrayal.
Absolutely not, I am more angry at myself for having trusted Kalen for as long as I did. I have always prided myself on being a good judge of character, however with Kalen as an example it clearly indicates that I was not wise with him.

Far be it from me to question somebody's feelings, but if you don't carefully check your heart with your mind you run the risk of getting hurt, or worse hurting someone who doesn't deserve it.
I already have, but thank you anyway.

Serious contemplation is generally advisable before words like love and destiny are cast around willy nilly.
As both Eric and I are in the Science and Engineering field we both had a very difficult time with the way our feelings towards one another has progressed. I am not throwing around the words love and destiny, I honestly feel that it was fate. I am in love with him. Yes I know, cliche, crazy, and indescribable; However, emotions are not one can reason.