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Okay, so it has been awhile, once again, there goes my therapeutic thing... ;) Anywhooo...I am so very excited, I have finally decided what I want to be when I grow up! oh yeah...I forgot to mention some essential things that have happened to me...

May 16th was my birthday! :) I am the big 2-1!!! Yea...(clap clap clap), well I went to this great mexican restaurant, "La Palmas" you should try it it's so yummy!!! It is my favorite, it is (if you live in Seattle) going towards Ballard going through downtown Seattle, and it will be on your right before hitting the Ballard Bridge, I told Eric I would have to take him sometime! :) Anyway, my first legal alcoholic drink was a strawberry margarita. Hehe...whew...I was sooooo toasty!!!

Then on May 18th, me and my honey buns went to Red Robin (my choice, they have more of a variety of drinks. I had this wonderful, fabulous drink called an Electric Watermelon!!! YUM!!!! Oh my God I sound like an alcoholic! Hehe..I'm not by the way, I am good on one drink! Oh yes...and I got diamond earrings for my birthday...awww...he is so sweet!

Okay, so here is the list of presents:

Mom - A beautiful jade pendant
Dad - A gold chain for the pendant
Brother - $200, a stamp with my name on it
Boyfriend - Diamond earrings
Grandma & Grandpa - $500
Misc (from friends) - emerald ring, jade car hanging thingy, shot glass that says "I am trying to graduate with a 4.0 (Blood Alcohol Level)", and a keychain bottle opener that says: I only look sweet and innocent.

Ha...I am sweet and innocent so I do not know why my friend Grace is trying to say! Let's see...I will have to say more later, Eric is trying to help me with my homework (sigh)

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