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A common mood...

busy...yup, surprised? Of course not...this week is going to be horrible. I had a mid-term today, got a 91% on it!! Woohoo, yeah me! hehe...I probably don't deserve it since I didn't study, but hey it was totally open book!!! So I justed used the index.

I have a mid-term and a project proposal due tomorrow...(sigh)

Thursday I have a WorkBreakdown Structure due and...something else?

Friday I have a something or other due...my brain is fried...

I will be studying late tonight at Chris's house, he is a person in my database group...yea...(sigh) Will be sleeping at my honey's house tonight thought. He is so cute. :)

Outside of that...Kalen called last night, he had received a bill which I think he hung on to and apparently I will be getting sent to collections. (sigh)...I fortunately cleared that up with the phone company and they extended my date on when it is due. I was at Eric's at the time and he asked me what was wrong. He was very upset and said that we should take Kalen to small claims court and offered me the service of his lawyers. I declined. He is so damn sweet...he told me to get ready because we were going to go and pay the bill...(sigh) I don't know what the hell I did to deserve him. He told me to just let him take care of me. No guy has ever wanted to before...and he doesn't expect anything back. And when he said, "we" he meant "he" was going to go pay the bill as I am lacking funds at the moment...

Kalen is such a dick...

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