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This sucks...I am once again incredibly late for class, I am so late I am just not going to go! Oh well...what should I do? (sigh) On top of that, I have a program due today which I am sure he will not accept, thank God it is only 10% of my grade! Hehe...I guess that gives me some leeway, at least I did it though.

Yesterday me and David went to Greenlake and we walked around it once, we were going to walk around twice, but it was awfully late by the time we walked around the first time! Let's see...did I mention his girlfriend hates me? hahahahahhaaha she calls me not very nice names! Oh well...so is life I suppose. Hehe...I don't say very nice things about her either, i.e. (sings) she walks like a man, talks like a man, looks like a man (her mustache), dresses like a man...etc, etc....hehe you should see my impersonation of her, it is quite amusing! Anywhoo...she convinced my friend David that I am evil...(roll eyes) so he decided to not talk to me for 2 years. Nice eh? So I got very upset with him and told him that it isn't right that he lets her talk about me that way! He agreed so he will be speaking to her soon! :) The degradation of my character and person are not at all appreciated, particularly because this girl has spoken to me a total of 3 times in her life and very briefly at that. I think she doesn't like me because before her and David started dating he paid a great deal of attention to me and not her. C'est la vie...shall we say that Miss Natalie here is engaged? haha...so I honestly doubt she has anything to worry about! Hmm...moving on...

I hope I get to see my honey soon, I miss him a great deal, I haven't seen him since Tuesday...ok, ok...maybe that does not seem like very long to some, but it is so hard for him and I get to see one another at times. :(

I am going to get my hair cut today...yea! Well, not cut, but definitely trimmed! First however, I am going to get rid of my "light golden brown" highlights and get some "auburn red" highlights installed. :) Hopefully it looks okay? Anyhow, I should go, I think I am going to walk downtown for awhile and look for a dress to my friend's wedding. He is getting married this September!

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