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My one friend....or so I thought

Well...let's see...long story short, one of my friend's that I thought I was fairly close with...let's just call her Jane. Jane and I were friends, then there was something that happened that I am unaware of. Last Saturday, I was supposed to go to a certain event, and I changed my mind and let my friend know that I was not going to go, I have a lot on my plate right now, to me it was just an added stress that I did not need. She said that it was okay and I didn't go. However, when I caller her on Saturday and left a message, she didn't call me back so I just assumed that she was with her boyfriend. I called on Sunday and she didn't call me back, so I thought okay she is with her boyfriend. However, it now Tuesday and still I have received no phone call from her, but tons of e-mails not pertaining to me in particular. So I guess the thing to do is just to not call her and see what happens, what do you think?

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