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Interesting to be me...

So the past week or so has been quite interesting. Kalen (the ex for the new comers) called me 3 times last week. How did I get so lucky? He called once, went to my voice mail and left me a message of NOTHING for 30 seconds. He called again the next day so I decided to answer the phone. Here's the thing...Kalen owes me money. Long story short, December 2001 we got a family plan with Voicestream, now T-Mobile, under my name. However, per our verbal agreement he was to pay the bill as I have my own cell phone and promised to not use up the 800 anytime minutes. We got the family plan so we wouldn't have to pay to talk to one another.

Anyway, Kalen didn't pay a bill for the month of July-September. Anyway, he went almost 1000 minutes over his allotted minutes, so he owes me a grand total of $245. and some cents. I am pretty pissed...so I had called him the week before last to ask him for my damn money. He thought I was making him pay for the cancellation bill as I canceled his phone. When he called last Thursday I explained to him that he owed me money because he had gone over his minutes, and he said, "well I don't have to pay it" and I said, "fine I will just take you to small claims court, we had a verbal contract, and verbal contracts are binding. You are breaking it, and you committed not one, but two federal offenses by opening my mail without my permission." :) Yes, me smart. So he concedes to pay...LOL...ahh...the smell of victory. I really wasn't looking forward to taking him to court, but I would have.

Wish I could finish but I need to leave work and go to school to study for my FINC 340 mid-term...be back to tell ya more later, it gets more interesting...

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