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I get to be the Princess...

lol...so I am thinking about getting a licenses plate holder that reads: "I'm not spoiled, just loved" ;)

Moving onto more serious things...lately I have been doing tons and tons of searching for employment...it isn't going too well to be honest. (sigh)

Today is my last day at work...YES...I am so tired of this job...I can't wait to leave work, I have about 20 minutes left, but I think I am going to skip out early. I've really missed writing in my journal...

I have been looking and looking for work...(sigh) God I hope I find something. I am really happy because I have an informational interview with someone from TeraBeam and another person from Weyerhaeuser. I might even pull some more strings and see what I can do about getting an informational interview with someone from KPMG.

I have also learned that companies who are on an Annual budgeting year hire in the Spring, whereas companies that are Fiscal hire in the Fall for College recruits. So if I was interested in any Fiscal companies my time has passed...maybe I will apply next year if I am unable to find anything? Hmm...the HR person, whom I had an exit interview with, let me know that I could always apply for some type of Coordinator work and continue looking for a Business Analyst position, and I told her that I would definitely keep that in mind.

So...Eric bought me this adorable PDA that I wanted as an early Christmas gift, and he is also buying me something else for X-mas, but he won't tell me what it is! *pouting*

As for school...the project is going...okay I suppose. (sigh) One would think I could relax for my month long winter break...but oooohhh no...I will be reading and programming in Perl, Mason, and mySQL...what else? Hmm...crossing my fingers for my surgery...my stupid insurance company. First they said I could pick any doctor I want, then they told me I couldn't, then they told me I could, then they told me I couldn't again!!!! Jerks.

So I have an appointment this coming Wednesday with one of THEIR doctors. (sigh) Hope they are happy. Hopefully, will get the surgery this month though...

What else...hmm...I will have the opportunity to work-out a lot this month, I am so happy and excited!!! All the step and Yoga classes are always offered in the afternoon and I was always unable to take them as I was in class or work! Now NO work and NO class!!! YES YES YES! And next quarter I will be able to work out on Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Friday's! :) I am soooo happy! Happy happy happy...

Eeep...I should leave...;)

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